The main products of our company are: shot blasting and sand peening machines, sand preparation machines, sand molding lines and environmental protection equipment.
Outer wall blasting of steel (pill) machine
JianShao detailed:


The inner and outer walls of the steel pipe sandblasting machine is a combination of cleaning the inside and outside wall cleaning machine, through the sandblasting to clean the outer surface of the steel pipe, by throwing shot to clean the inner surface of the surface oxidation Skin are removed. The machine mainly uses the high-speed pellet flow thrown out by the high-powered powerful sandblasting machine, throws on the surface and the cavity of the rotating workpiece in the chamber body, removes the other sticky sand, rust layer, welding slag, oxide and its debris, To obtain a fine smooth surface. Improve the adhesion of paint film and steel surface and improve the anti-fatigue strength of steel and corrosion resistance, improve the inherent quality of steel to extend its service life.

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