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Resin sand production line
JianShao detailed:
Resin sand production line is composed of magnetic belt conveyor, vibrating crushing and reclaiming machine, secondary centrifugal rotor secondary reclaiming machine, sand bank, bucket elevator (3 sets), moving double-arm continuous resin sand mixing machine, Blowing dust and other equipment components. Resin sand production line process: pouring sand box and cast by the crane to the inertia of the vibration off the sand, the sand handling, the casting transported to the Qing shovel, sand box shipped to the sand library back. Large pieces of skin, riser by artificial sorting, through the sand off the grid of sand, sand groups and small pieces of cold iron fall to the magnetic belt conveyor, the magnetic transfer to the multi-functional vibration broken recycling machine to break, , Sieving, sieving after the sand into the bucket # 1 hoist from the hoisting machine to upgrade to the centrifugal rotor secondary regeneration machine for strong regeneration, full Tuomo. Recycled sand mixed with fine powder, dust and resin film flows into the flow curtain air filter through the flow sand tank, and the wind separator is connected with the cyclone and the pulse type anti-blow dust remover to remove the powder and dust. Reclaimed sand and then by 2 # bucket elevator upgrade to the sand library reserve. Move the double-arm continuous resin sand mixing machine at the top of the feed port by the air gate and the sand library below the sand mouth connected, press the sand mixer electric control box mixed sand button, the pneumatic gate automatically open, set the amount of Sand from sand into the sand mixer. Sand in the mixer by the spiral piece forward to the beginning of the sand mixing, from the proximal control valve by adding curing agent, the small blade stir premixed to the back of the proximal valve by adding resin into the sand end. Curing agent, resin, recycled sand is fully mixed and sent to the front of the discharge port automatically into the prepared sand box for modeling, core. This equipment is controlled by imported PLC (programmable control) automation and excellent performance, suitable for resin sand process of small and medium-sized casting enterprises.
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