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Resin sand mixing machine
JianShao detailed:
Resin Sand Sand Mixer is a kind of continuous sand mixing machine used for casting mixed resin sand and core sand. It is a kind of sand mixing machine which is used to continuously mix molding or core resin with liquid solidifying agent and liquid resin. Sand from the hard sand. Resin sand mixing machine can be divided into: resin resin sand sand mixer and single-arm resin sand mixing machine, on the current domestic use in terms of resin sand mixing machine generally refers to the arm resin sand mixing machine, Which is characterized by two free rotation of the stir-cage composition, the first level for the transport cage, conveying the original sand; the second level of high-speed mixing sand cage, high-speed mixing sand. Liquid resin and curing agent in the second stage of the cage into the spray, the first injection of curing agent, a time lag and then sprayed into the resin.
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