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Mobile welding smoke precipitator
JianShao detailed:
Moving welding dust purifier is an industrial environmental protection equipment, mobile welding dust purifier is designed for the treatment of welding operations generated smoke, dust, toxic gases and the development of an industrial environmental protection equipment, mobile welding dust purifier widely used In a variety of welding, polishing and polishing, chemical production and other places. Inhalation of excessive toxic substances, will cause headaches, nausea, asthma, chronic bronchitis and other symptoms, seriously affecting the health of the normal production at the same time also affect the health of the workers in the high concentration of smoke, dust, smoke, oil mist environment. Mobile welding dust purifier to protect the environment, to ensure the role of good health. Mobile welding fume purification equipment Advantages 1. Mobile welding fume purifier electric control through professional designers to improve the operation is simple, energy efficient, the use of significant results. 2. Mobile welding fume purifier fan with a unique design, air volume, low power consumption, the noise to a minimum. 3. Mobile welding dust purifier up to three layers of fire blocking the design of efficient blocking large particles of slag to ensure the reliability and safety equipment. 4. Filter filter area is large, the filter effect is 100%, long life cycle, the replacement cost is low. 5. Purifier consumables performance is stable, easy to replace.
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