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Pulse type dust collector
JianShao detailed:
The pulse bag filter [1] belongs to the mechanical jitter type dust collector, can collect and separate the dust and particles in the airflow, mainly use the mechanical rapping method for cleaning, the pulse jet single dust precipitator can be equipped with shot blasting Machine, and sand machine, crusher, sand machine, sand and other dust concentration higher dust removal equipment, proved stable operation, low noise, dust removal efficiency, easy operation and maintenance. It is mainly used in food, pharmacy, feed, metallurgy, building materials, cement and so on. It is widely used in food, pharmacy, feedstuff, metallurgy, building material and cement. , Machinery, chemicals, electric power, light industry dust gas purification and dust materials recovery. (2) the bag room without blowing pipe, the machine for easy bag; (3) no need to pre-dust removal equipment, can be a one-time treatment of up to 1000mg / m3 concentration of dust, emissions less than 50mg / m3, (5) The whole machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, easy to adjust the parameters, can be achieved without jobs for work *; (4) a small number of pulse valve, cleaning strength, action quickly; 6) The service life of filter bag is more than two years; (7) Easy to realize the isolation and overhaul.
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