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Mechanical cloth bag filter
JianShao detailed:
Bag filter has been widely used for a long time in various industrial sectors, to capture non-bonded non-fibrous industrial dust and volatile matter, to capture dust particles up to 0.1 microns. However, when using it to deal with gas containing water vapor, should avoid thrown up condensation problems. Dust bag with a high purification efficiency, is to capture fine dust efficiency of up to 99.9%, and its efficiency is relatively high. Working principle of the bag filter dust gas from the upper part of the ash bucket into the outlet, the role of the windshield plate, the air flow upwards, the flow rate decreases, part of the large particles of dust due to the role of inertia force is separated from the ash bucket. Dust-containing gas enters into the middle box and is filtered and purified by the filter bag. The dust is retained on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the upper case through the filter bag mouth and is discharged from the outlet. With the increasing surface dust bag, filter inlet and outlet pressure is also rising. When the dust collector resistance reaches the set value, the control system issued a cleaning command, cleaning system to work. First of all, the solenoid valve is opened immediately after receiving the signal so that the compressed air in the upper air chamber of the small diaphragm is discharged. As a result of the change of the force at both ends of the small diaphragm, the exhaust passage opened by the small diaphragm is opened, The compressed air in the air chamber is discharged through the passage, and the two ends of the large diaphragm are changed by force so that the large diaphragm is operated, the closed outlet is opened, the compressed air in the air bag is injected into the bag through the output pipe and the injection pipe, Cleaning. When the control signal is stopped, the solenoid valve is closed, a small diaphragm, a large diaphragm have been reset, the injection stopped. Pulse valve bag is a key component of pulse bag filter, its service life is the most concerned about the user. According to the company's customers need to provide import filter and pulse valve.
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