The main products of our company are: shot blasting and sand peening machines, sand preparation machines, sand molding lines and environmental protection equipment.
Outer wall blasting of steel (pill) machine
JianShao detailed:
Qingdao Runfang production of steel pipe inside and outside the wall shot blasting machine used to remove the surface of the sticky sand, rust, oxide, dirt, etc., is a tool surface metallic color, to eliminate internal stress, improve workpiece fatigue resistance, to improve the workpiece Surface and intrinsic quality of the purpose, and ultimately improve the mechanical products and metal profiles of corrosion resistance and improve the corrosion resistance of the steel surface technology to optimize the state, to achieve the purpose of complete clean-up. Run side of the steel pipe inside and outside the wall shot blasting machine is mainly used for high-strength throwing high-speed shot pills, throwing the rotating body in the chamber surface and cavity, remove the other sticky sand, rust, welding slag, oxide And its debris, so that access to fine smooth surface. Inner and outer wall shot blasting machine to improve the adhesion of paint film and steel surface, and improve the steel's anti-fatigue strength and corrosion resistance, improve the inherent quality of steel to extend its service life. The inner and outer wall shot blasting machine mainly consists of cleaning room, shot blasting assembly, conveying roller, feeding mechanism, unloading mechanism, screw conveyor, hoist, maintenance platform, separator, dedusting system and electric control system. .
Qingdao Run side of the production of steel pipe wall advantage is; clean-up process, the dust poured down the mixture through the chamber body funnel, vertical and horizontal screw conveyor collection in the lower part of the elevator, and then upgraded to the upper part of the machine separator, the separation Good projectile fall into the hopper for recycling shot blasting machine.
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