The main products of our company are: shot blasting and sand peening machines, sand preparation machines, sand molding lines and environmental protection equipment.
The ship fender body,Large scale storage tank rust remving shot blasting machine
JianShao detailed:
Large oil tank hull,self circulation of shot blasting equipment which has very high environmental and cost effectiveness  It uses hidden peerling system, utilizing high performance blasting rapid will be pushed to the ground and steel plate surface, to achieve the purpose of cleaning, divided into verticai anci horizontal mode mode two. mode vertical shot-blasting machine is mainly applied to oil tank rust cleaning, water tank repair, hull rust, paint removal blasting cleaning. and cleaning the dome roof and a spherical object and outside wall cleaning. horizontal pattern of shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for the removal of paint, tha ship deck concrete cleaning, road and Bridge anti slide performance recovery.aspnait bleeding cleaning. mark line up to go to airport road addition to glue and except, except line and clean concrete repair etc
 Either the vertical or horizontal cleaning mode of the shot blasting machine, can be in 20minutes can be quickly disassembled and installed Vertical pattern of shot blasting machine liftir,g system, installed in the electrical fixtura, on being cleared the top of an object, the operator through the wireless remote control to control machines and lifting machine, shot blasting machine can c,onveniently make about the next movement, and the introduc,tion of abrasive automatic cycle. can not stop feeding And only one person can control the production. very convenient  Reduce labor, improve the production efficiency. Steel and pollutants into the separation chamber Dust recycling dust and pollutants Available shot back to the storage hopper of posterior circulation Located in the dust below a barrel  It is easy to dispose of waste  Blasting c,leaning can make cost is reduced to only a few cents per square metre. greatly saves the production cost
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