The main products of our company are: shot blasting and sand peening machines, sand preparation machines, sand molding lines and environmental protection equipment.
ROPW-800(Double polishing head)
JianShao detailed:

ROPW-800 type shot blasting machine is ROVAN has recently launched a shot blasting cleaning equipment. This is a powerful,with two large power shot blasting machine shot blasting

cleaning equipment. it is a large operating space and heavy load of theideal choice.
The main characteristics of the new ROPW-800 shot blasting machine:
Patent design of blasDng machine. reduce equipment waar.
With advanced, high load top / side liner system;material flow cleaning effect;
Device with 2 x 150mm hose dust, in order to improve theefficiency of dust removing;
A device using a poHsHng head design, protection of theblasting efficiency;
Ergonomic operation panel;a variety of flat and large area operation, high efficiency. reducing equipment maintenance costs,laitance cleaning and surface roughening.

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